Friday, August 17, 2012

A Black and Gold Affair: Part 1

Hello! Just as a backup for those who have just started to follow this blog, I am a freshman at Wake Forest University in NC. I am super excited to go to college in a week (!!!), and I have been furiously searching the internet for anything and everything black and gold. I love the Wake Forest themed goodies, even if they are a little bit cheesy! Here are my favorite black and gold Wake themed things that I've come across!

(1) Smathers and Branson, my favorite needlepoint brand ever, offers a ton of collegiate merchandise on their website. I think that the needlepoint key fob is super cute!

(2) The college bookstore carries Wake croakies

(3) Here's another Smathers and Branson goodie: a needlepoint wallet!

(4) My Wake Forest Tervis Tumbler is actually one of my favorite Wake themed things ever. My grandmother sent me one when I was first accepted in March, and I carried it around with me every single day during Senior Spring! I brought it with me to Jackson Hole this summer, and even there I used it every single day at the pool and the gym! Tervis are the greatest cups ever, they're so sturdy and there are a trillion different styles to choose from!

(5) I definitely wear my Wake Nike Tempo Shorts more than any of my other norts! 

(6) Wake Forest Vineyard Vines apparel is getting harder and harder to find, but in the past, they have carried Demon Deacon Ties. Perfect for my dad and brother!

(7) The last Smathers + Wake item that I looove is the needlepoint belt

(8) Lastly, I am dying to find this Vineyard Vines Wake Forest Tote Bag. I have searched everywhere for it but I can't find it anywhere! I'm hoping they rerelease their collegiate line so I can stock up on black and gold goodies. 

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Great picks! They carry the VV tote in the Deac Shop:)

  2. Honey, BE OBSESSED! It's totally fine/ normal! You are going to love college and I so wish I could be on your end of starting it all rather than my end of just having left. Enjoy your time!

    Also, try your campus book store for the vineyard vines tote. I had a hard time finding the UF one but they were for sale at our campus book store :)

  3. This stuff is so cute! I got my husband a Smathers and Branson wallet and he loves it - the quality is wonderful!

  4. I would check with your college bookstore about the VV tote. I attend a very small women's college in VA but our bookstore always has our VV totes in stock, I'm assuming if your bookstore doesn't already have them in stock they might be able to get one for you.
    Good Luck and have a great first year!


  5. Be sure to check the Wake Store at Hanes Mall in the past in the fall they have had Vineyard Vines polos and polo dresses with the WF logo on them that are soo cute! They usually have the ties and bow ties as well and a few years ago def had the totes. Also the monogram shop in the mall will add the WF logo to just about anything you bring in. I have def put it on a couple of simple black dresses!

  6. i'm going to UVA as a first year in a week too and I definitely live in my UVa norts and VV bag. I absolutely love your blog!

  7. loveeee it, I have almost all of these things for Tech! <3

  8. There is a store in Hanes Mall called The Deacon Shop! I would defiantly check there

  9. Love the Vineyard Vines, tote, too; and the collegiate ones are EXTREMELY difficult to track down, although sometimes you see them in the school bookstores. I really do not understand why Vineyard Vines only sells like big ten schools' ones online! Adorable picks, though; you're going to have a blast at Wake!

  10. Hope you can get the tote! I love my UVA parents got in for when I was accepted! The collegiate totes can be hard to find, I would suggest going to your local VV and asking them about it. Sometime they might be able to special order one for you or if you rush, they can be gotten through sororities sometimes too!

  11. These are all so cute! Congratulations on Wake Forest! I wish S&B made key fobs with my school's logo. But definitely check the bookstore for a Vineyard Vines tote. Vineyard Vines doesn't stock all of the collegiate totes online, but I found mine at the bookstore!