Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Black and Gold Affair: Part 2

Hello! The second part of my Wake Forest themed post series, "A Black and Gold Affair," focuses on black and gold clothes and accessories! 

(1) Since I am such a typical girl, I looove sequins! Pretty much all of the items on this set has sequins on them! I think that this black top from Topshop is great to wear with jeans and black flats.

(2) ASOS has become my new online shopping obsession. They have actually everything you could ever want! This dress is perfect because it's black and gold! 

(3) The gold sequin tank top shown is also from ASOS. Love it!
(4) I am absolutely lusting over this gold long sleeved sequin mini dress from ASOS. While it is a little different from my usual style of Lilly dresses and pink and green accessories, I am crazy about this dress! It's so much fun and great for parties, especially in the holiday season!

(5) I wore this Ralph Lauren dress to a dance when I was a freshman in high school! It's black, but you can faintly see gold sequins underneath the top layer of fabric. Such a fun twist on a little black shift dress.

(6) Here is a black sequin wrap dress from ASOS. Even though it's sequined, it's a little bit more subdued than the gold sequin dress!

(7) Usually I don't go to Victoria's Secret to shop for clothes, but I love their black criss-cross dress!

(1) Now onto accessories! I love my black bauble necklace from J. Crew. It's cute with a simple t-shirt or with a sweater when it gets colder!

(2) Swell Caroline carries a black and gold watch that fits in perfectly with the WF school colors!

(3) Smathers and Branson, the wonderful needlepoint brand that is near and dear to my heart, has a striped black and gold needlepoint headband. So perfect!!

(4) I wear my monogrammed gold necklace almost every day and I love it! 

(5) Want to have a black and gold bracelet stack? Check out bracelets from Kate Spade, Swell Caroline, and Fornash!

(6) Lastly, there are millions of options for black and gold footwear! Jack Rogers released a line of their Navajo sandals in college colors, black and gold being one of their options. The Tory Burch Reva Flats are the classic approach to cute black and gold shoes. The third option from Zara is pricey, but so cute!

Have a lovely day!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love the black and gold! My college had the same colors. The headband is too cute, but of all the photos you post of yourself, you rarely have one on!

    XO. Your Mother

  2. Loooove Tory Burch revas! The needlepoint headband is adorable, too. :)

  3. Why did you delete? You were one of my favorites!! I need some closer to this situation haha!!

  4. and gold and black is so in for Fall too!

  5. Okay, love these dresses and the accessories and everything, but pleaseee do not wear these to a college party. I'd hate to see what those Tory Burch flats would look like with beer spilled all over them :( You can dress cute and classy at a college party, but I urge you not to wear anything too expensive.