Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monograms, Monograms...and more monograms...

My mother has had a deep obsession with monograms her entire life, and (fortunately for us, unfortunately for everyone else) she passed it along to me! Here are some of my favorite monogrammed items.

(1) My monogrammed Derby hat from Marley Lilly is perfect for summer!

(2) I wear my monogrammed necklace from Moon and Lola almost every day, I love it soo much.

(3) My mom just got this monogrammed cake carrier from Pink Magnolias. Isn't it adorable? We originally found it from my Pinterest page, and now she can't wait to use it!

(4) My mom loooves to needlepoint, and I have a few needlepoint belts that she made me. We had them finished with a monogram on the ribbon part of the belt!

(5) Madre also needlepointed this Nook cover a couple of years ago. 

(6) There is an adorable store in New Canaan that sells the cutest items, like this orange and navy tote bag! They also offer monogramming options, so of course I jumped at the opportunity.

(7) Here is a Vineyard Vines bag that I had monogrammed this spring. 

(8) My mom is an avid needlepointer, and a long time ago she needlepointed pillows for my old room before we moved. The first pillow has espadrilles on them with my monogram in the corner, and the second pillow is a pink Lacoste polo with the monogram under it!

(9) Monogrammed Lilly shorts are the best!

(10) As y'all know, I just love Marley Lilly. Over the summer, Madre ordered a navy and pink monogrammed scarf and black and gold monogrammed scarf. They're great for the fall and can be dressed up or down! Marley Lilly has so many options for colors and monogram styles that every person can find a great scarf for them!

(11) Tervis Tumblers are so great. Here is one with Mommy's initials!

(12) To fit in with my growing black and gold obsession, I got a monogrammed cuff from Skirtin' Around in New Canaan.

(13) I actually just got this back from the monogrammer: a monogrammed PFG! Can't wait to wear it next summer!

(14) Monogrammed norts may be taking my obsession a little too far but they are the best! I have most of mine monogrammed and I always get compliments on them. 

(15) My friend hDb ordered me this custom iPad case for my 18th birthday! It was the perfect birthday gift, especially since it was monogrammed!

WHOA. That was a lot of monogramming! What are y'alls favorites? Let me know!!
Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I LOVE that cake cover!! I need to get one of those. That black and gold scarf will be perfect for Wake Forest!

  2. I've been wanting to monogram my norts for a while now! I just need to find the time when I am not using them to do it lol

    My big owns a monogram company (Dixieland Monogram) so, like you, we're always brainstorming up ideas of what she can monogram next! If you have an iphone, I'd check out the monogram stickers for your home button...they are super cheap and super cute!

  3. I love the monograms!! I monogram pretty much everything. Love the shorts and the cuff!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is crazy! I love it! Especially that monogrammed cake holder!

  5. I just ordered a few new monogrammed decor items from an etsy shop that I'll be posting about! monograms are so fun.

  6. I love monogramed norts! And all of the needlepoint is gorgeous! I have been looking for a monogramed necklace, and this just inspired me to get on that.

    Great post!

  7. looove all your monograms! i wish i could say i wasn't so obsessed too..... i even got a comment on the excessive amount of them I had from an employee at this boutique near my house!

  8. Oh goodness, those are cute! I completely love polka dots and paisley, but to have those prints monogrammed... too cute! Tell me, is it super expensive to have your clothes monogrammed? Because I'm thinking of monogramming some running shorts/ an oxford. Thanks!

  9. Love all your monograms!!! You can't go wrong with monogramming something :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  10. obsessed with the black and gold cuff!!! those are my school colors too :)