Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stack 'Em

Hi y'all! I hope everyone is having a lovely week! I leave for college tomorrow (ahh!!!) bright and early so here is an extra long post to keep y'all extra happy! I'm not going to be posting a ton since I have move-in day, orientation, and the beginning of classes all in the next week. I might queue a few posts but we'll see! It's a crazy time!!

Anywho, recently everyone has become obsessed with bracelet stacking. I have joined the "stacking movement" and I absolutely love it. It's such a simple concept but it makes getting ready in the morning a lot more fun!

I have some favorite brands for bracelet stacking, such as Fornash, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, J. Crew, Swell Caroline, and Angela Moore. It's fun to mix different styles from different brands, so here are my favorite bracelets that I like to choose from!

I have a store that I usually go to that has a ton of Fornash goodies, so I'm pretty familiar with the brand. They have great earrings and necklaces as well as bracelets. Bangles are the absolute base for bracelet stacking and Fornash has the biggest selection. I also love their animal snap bangles. My mom has an elephant one that I am obsessed with (but she won't let me wear it, ugh) and I have an orange zebra. They're really cute and super fun! Also, the equestrian-inspired wrap bracelets are great! One of my friends gave my other friend that bracelet for her birthday and it's really pretty in person. 

My friend gave my entire friend group the Kate Spade idiom bangles for graduation and I never take mine off! It's pink and it says "hot to trot" (which I think is funny since one of my favorite Lilly prints is Hotty Pink Hot to Trot...I'm SUCH a nerd). I am obsessed with Kate Spade jewelry in general, actually. There is so much to choose from! Bracelet stacking is a lot of fun when you add a watch into the mix. I like to keep my metallics matching, but to each her own! I looove the bow bracelet. I've tried it on a couple of times in the Kate Spade store, and I like that it's small enough to fit my wrists. It's hard to find bracelets that fit! 

I pretty much adore anything with elephant-themed, so this J. Crew elephant bangle is no acception! It comes in the prettiest color of turquoise or pink. I've seen Angela Moore bracelets almost my entire life and I think they're so pretty and preppy. There are a ton of styles to choose from, and I love that they're all handpainted! Lastly, Lilly occasionally has some great bracelets, like these multicolored bamboo-inspired bracelets.

To find inspiration for bracelet stacking, I like looking at Pinterest. There are so many great ideas on it!

Soo if I get a really good job and make lots of money I'm definitely getting Hermes and Yurman bracelets to add to a bracelet stack!

LOVE the monogram cuff!

Again, love the monogram! That blue color is also so pretty for summer. 

This might be my favorite bracelet stack picture! It would go perfectly with a cute Lilly shift dress!

All the navy is great for the fall!

Have a wonderful day y'all!! North Carolina TOMORROW!!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I never used to wear bracelets until recently, but I'm starting to get into the stacking trend! I ordered a navy knot bracelet at the Lilly sale yesterday. I really want to invest in a nice bracelet but I can't decide what I want!

  2. I hear ya, bracelet stacking is my new obsession too. I also have the KS hot to trot bangle, it's so cute! Good luck at school, I would do anything to go back to freshman year so live it up!

    1. Love this post! so fun!! I typically stack a watch, my yurman and then whatever colors go with the outfit I'm wearing! Stacking is so fun! Good luck on your first year! It'll be my last and I wish I could go back! It'll be a great experience for you, plus your adorable..everyone will love you!

  3. These are so gorgeous! Probably my favorite look right now too. Have you checked out the stella & dot bangles for fall? Oh, they are just so pretty!

  4. Kate Spade idiom bangles are the absolute best; such a darling gift idea! Best of luck with your move to Wake!