Saturday, September 8, 2012

College Organization

Hi y'all! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. One of the things that I've had to change now that I'm in college was how I organize and store my clothes. I can honestly say that I brought a fair amount of clothes...not too much, but definitely not too little. Here are some pictures of how I have everything organized!

This is such a cool way of storing my growing collection of t-shirts! I completely stole the idea from my friend aPe, but it's so nice! You can fit a ton of t-shirts in a very small space by folding them a certain way. Check out Pinterest for more ideas!

Okay, my closet looks really messy, but I swear it's not. I have my dresses on the left side, my shirts on multi-hangers in the middle, and bottoms on the right. I also have a really cool hanger for scarves somewhere in there! My shoes are in the bin in the bottom of the closet, and my heels are in shoe bags in another bin to keep them protected. I have cowboy boots and rainboots in their somewhere as well. When it gets colder, Madre is going to send me more fall/winter appropriate gear (riding boots, jackets, sweaters), but it's still hot and humid here in Winston-Salem so I'll be waiting a while.

On the top of my closet, I have various sweaters and vests. Nothing special in how I organize them though!

How do y'all organize things in your dorm room? Any suggestions? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love this!! Organization is key in college because you're on the go so much, and you need to pick outfits fast.

  2. I store my stuff in boxes and stack thems. Storage racks are also very useful :)
    xo dVb
    ps: your dorm closet is tiny but cute :)

  3. Rolling t-shirts: genius! I have so many. Also another tip for your closet-slimline hangers! You can fit so much more!

  4. Oh lord that t-shirt idea is incredible! I am absolutely doing that this week. Just wait until you join a sorority- your t-shirt collection will skyrocket.