Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 5 College Must-Haves

Hi y'all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Even though I've only been in college for a little while, I can definitely tell which items I'm going to be using more than others! Here are my top 5 college must-haves!

(1) Rain Boots: I cannot even say how much y'all will need these. In the past couple of days, it has rained a lot here in Winston-Salem, and it pays off to have rain boots!

(2) I like to have my Tervis Tumbler around in case I get thirsty! I also love the Lilly Pulitzer tumblers, they're very popular here!

(3) I use my Longchamp bag every day for class. It's the perfect size, and I have it in navy so it goes with everything! Some of my friends have the waterproof Longchamp which is really nice to have, especially if you get caught in the rain walking to class.

(4) Y'all know my obsession with my Lilly planner, but it really does help me stay organized! 

(5) I live in norts. I really do. They are super comfortable and easy!

What are y'alls favorite college items! Let me know!!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I absolutely agree with all of these! They are must haves here at UGA too. I would also say a good laptop case or sleeve for all the travelling your computer will do! Love the blog.


  2. I have everything on that list, so I guess I'll have to agree!!

    xx Emily @

  3. I absolutely agree! I love and use every single one of these items!

  4. Yes, rain boots are definitely a must have! Those are adorable :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

  5. I agree with rainboats! I was so shocked at how much it rained my first year of college!

  6. I totally agree with your must haves for college. Hunter rain boots are the best!
    xo dVb

  7. you picked up the essentials, girl! Hope you are having fun!

  8. Rainboots are SO essential!! I didn't know I needed them my first few weeks of college and that first day it rained I almost drowned. You're smart for figuring it out fast!