Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Weekend Ever!

Phew! I had the busiest weekend ever and thank goodness I had a TON of fun!!

Friday night my group of friends and I had a Halloween party where we carved pumpkins and watched Paranormal Activity. We were supposed to have a scary movie marathon but we got too wrapped up in hanging out! 

Saturday I got up bright and early for a fall themed day party at an off-campus fraternity house. I went with two of my friends and I had a lot of fun! 

In the afternoon I went to my friend's house about 30 minutes away from Winston-Salem. His parents invited everyone over for dinner. It was so nice to be in a real house with parents and kids! So different from college!

I went straight to a huge Wake event called "Seize the Quad" after I got back from my friend's house. It was basically a huge party on the upper quad! The fraternities had tents around the quad, and at 12 the lounges opened up for regular parties. I met a ton of wonderful people and actually had the best time ever!!

What am I doing today?? WORK. I am so tired and I'm on my second Starbucks but my exhaustion is totally worth it!

What did y'all do this weekend? Let me know!!
xoxo, Hannah


  1. Your vest and plaid shirt are too precious! I miss college so much so I am glad I get to live vicariously through all of your fab pictures!!

  2. Looks super fun! I had back to back regattas for crew!