Saturday, October 27, 2012


I am locking myself away for the next two weeks in my usual study spots so I can study myself away into oblivion. All of my classes are on the same test cycle, so nothing is spread out; all of my hard work falls in the same 2 weeks. I am determined to make good grades on my upcoming exams and essays, so I'm going to work crazy hard!! Here are some of my study/organization tips!

I write everything down in my planner. I color code it, I use stickers, sticky notes, I write to-do planner is packed. I highly recommend using the Lilly for Lifeguard Press stickers! I loooove them because they are super cute and they have one for every occasion. 

I am a huge fan of to-do lists. I like seeing what I have to do and I like crossing off what I've finished! 

I handwrite all of my notes instead of using my laptop. It helps me pay really close attention in class instead of getting distracted by Pinterest or Facebook. I write a lot of notes (usually 3-4 pages per class), and I just had to get another binder because I couldn't fit everything in my original binder anymore. Writing things down is my way of absorbing the information. Whenever I need to memorize something, I will write it down a ton of times and then I'll have it memorized! 

For tests, I like to type up all of my notes into one study guide. Then, everything is in one place. 

I like to print the study guides out, then read through them while making lots of notes in the margins. I'll highlight everything and basically dissect the whole study guide. 

As always, I'll have my good friend Starbucks to keep me wide awake!

Do y'all have any study or organization tips? Let me know!!

Wish me luck! I'm basically super busy for the next two weeks but I have a lot of posts queued up for y'all! I'm sorry I haven't been posting as often, I've been at a loss for inspiration and it's been crazy here at Wake! Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. You sounds just like me! I'm super organized as well :) I handwrite all my notes for the sake of memorizing them and paying attention, and my Lilly planner is always being written in.

    Good luck with your studies! I just got off of my "test cycle" haha. My advise for having all your tests happening at once is to stay on top of the material during the period when there are no tests. Thats what I'm working on now :)


  2. I am tickled to see that you are doing so well adjusting to college life!! Way to go Hannah!!!! Keep up the Lilly-riffic work!!! Your high level of organization will do nothing but pay off for you!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  3. I study in such a similar way! And my planner looks just like yours with lists and colors and tons of other markings that no one else would ever understand! Good luck with all of your tests, I feel your pain.


  4. I agree with hand writing your notes. I hand wrote all my class notes in college. In law school everyone used their laptops to take notes so I did too but I always ended up playing solitaire or shopping online instead of paying attention in class. I still managed to make dean's list but I know could have done better.

    Good luck with your tests!

  5. Good luck on everything! You will do great :) AHHH I looove your handwriting so so much!

  6. Love your note style taking! I'm the same way, if I'm not handwriting I'm typically on pinterest. Good luck with the next two weeks, I'm holing away myself with these next wave of exams starting next week. Keep motivated and don't forget to take fun breaks!! :)

  7. good luck! i see you have recruitment coming up; enjoy rush!

  8. That's pretty much exactly how I used to study. I was just on campus Monday and I know it can be soooo hard to sit inside when it's so gorgeous out there. Good luck with everything and have fun getting to know all of the chapters!

  9. That's exactly how I study! And our planners our twins :) Good luck on your exams-I'm sure you'll do amazing!

  10. Good luck on your tests! You seem to have it all figured out, and I'm sure you'll do great! I do some of the same things and it has gotten me to my senior year of college! Keep it up!

  11. Quit drinking that stuff! Love, Mom

  12. I study in the exact same way as you do! I handwrite my notes, then type them. I don't always print them out and make notes on them, though -- sometimes (if they're 20-30 pages long, which art history midterms can be) I just read them on my laptop and add notes in red. I need those lilly stickers for my planner!

  13. And lots and lots and lots of luck!

  14. I'm impressed. I didn't figure out most of this until law school. Where did you get the study and cram stickers? I love them!

  15. At UF, our teachers don't even let us bring laptops to class a lot of the time! Taking notes by hand reallllly does help!

    One thing I learned was to turn my typed notes into powerpoint slides! It made mini flashcards when i printed it off and studied, helped me to group everything, and, of course, if i wanted to study with my laptop, the font's were nice and big--no eye straining!

    You are going to be so successful--most people are never this good!!

  16. What are your usual study spots?! I'm in need of some help!!

    1. I'm boring, I just like to go to the library!