Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I AM SO EXCITED! I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of the holiday itself (we haven't done the whole turkey-thing in years!) but I absolutely cannot wait to go home! It has been 12 weeks of being at Wake, and while I love it, I am craving a much needed break. I'm actually leaving on Saturday to go back home...I'm allowed a certain amount of excused absences so I'm skipping class on Monday, and my classes were cancelled on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! This way, I'll have a whole WEEK at home! EEEEK! I've put together some Thanksgiving themed outfits for the upcoming holiday! Enjoy!

I'm actually really obsessed with the two outfits shown above. I'm determined to find these exact pieces so I can recreate them later in the fall! I loooove the outfit on the left; perfect for walking around town (can't wait) or just hanging out! Of course I had to include a vest (y'all, it's really turning into a problem, I'm pretty sure I wear a vest every single day, I need to stop!!) and I paired it with a white cable knit sweater. It's pretty thick and can be paired with a whole variety of vests! I'm so excited to go home so I can pick up my Bean Boots; I've missed them! Tuck your skinny jeans into the boots and top everything off with some accessories (my picks are pearls, aviators, and a neutral watch). The outfit on the right is super comfy and low-key! Camel sweaters are my personal favorite, and I would definitely get this J. Crew camel turtleneck in a larger size than I would usually wear so it could be worn with leggings. Pair the outfit with riding boots and a Barbour jacket and you're set for fall!

If you're going out for Thanksgiving, here's some outfit inspiration! On the left, I put a navy sweater dress with riding boots and tights. It's not super-fancy and it can be dressed up or down. I am obsessed with bubble necklaces, and I would personally choose a bright color to add a pop to the neutral dress. On the right, I looove the full tartan skirt/white oxford shirt idea. I'm a huge fan of high waisted full skirts (showing off the waistline!), and to dress up the outfit even more, wear heels! Lastly, add a statement pearl necklace to make the white oxford a bit girlier. 

What are y'all doing for Thanksgiving? Who's as excited as I am? Let me know!
Have a lovely day!
xoxo, Hannah


  1. Love that tartan skirt!! Where is it from?

    1. I found the skirt on Polyvore and it's extremely expensive, but I'm desperately searching for a more affordable version! I'll post about it if I find one!


    2. I have skirts like that. I got them as a uniform for my old school.. but they look exactly like that. :)Just go to a place where they sell uniforms.

  2. I've been looking for a cable knit sweater like that white one for ages!


  3. I absolutely LOVE the tartan skirt! Where is it from?!

  4. Love that skirt! Check out my blog for my Thanksgiving outfit!

  5. Such cute outfits!

    Thanksgiving is exciting because we start playing Christmas music. It is such a great way to start the holiday season!