Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Five

(1) I've been in Jackson Hole for almost 2 weeks, and I've put off skiing until today. I might as well get some practice in since I'm going to be back here for Spring Break with some friends!

2. I'm going to do a not-so-subtle social media plug for The Pink and Green Prep...follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! I also got my Tumblr back! I don't post super often and it's not nearly what it used to be (before I deleted it), but check it out!

3. Y'all. Get this song. Now.

4. If anyone wants to volunteer to be my boyfriend, I will gladly get y'all these Southern Proper GOP "Southern Drawls." I'm dying.

5. I've started working out again (I took quite a long hiatus unfortunately) and I've already lost 2 pounds! I can honestly say I've missed the gym!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Literally just took my first run in a months it was painful, but I needed it!

  2. So agree with you! After being abroad all semester working out has been miserable. Good luck!!

  3. what do you do to work out or eat? i think you look great! i'm trying to get back on track too. thanks! :)

    1. I'm doing a post on this very soon!!!

  4. My friend and I gave each other those boxers for Christmas, same exact gift and everything, and we are obsessed!! They always give me a chuckle when I put them on and they are so comfy for sleeping/bumming around the house.