Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What to Wear: Holiday Parties

It's finally the week before Christmas, so I'm sure many of y'all will be headed to some fabulous Christmas parties! I'm very much a fan of dressing in themes, and the holiday season is no exception. If it's a Christmas party, I say go out and wear festive dresses in Christmas colors!

It's not super hard to find dresses in Christmas colors, I've found. Red, gold, and green are pretty standard! I've put pearls with all three of the dresses, but gold jewelry would also look great. 

I'm still deciding what I'm wearing to the Christmas party I have to go to (I was going to wear plaid pants but my brother AND dad are both wearing plaid pants, so I thought it would be going a little overboard...) but I'll definitely take pictures when I choose! 

What are y'all wearing for your Christmas parties? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. WHERE ARE THOSE GOLD SHOES FROM?? Oh my god, I need them! And the red and gold dresses :)

    1. The shoes are Kate Spade, the red dress is TopShop and the gold dress is ISSA.

  2. We are loving the Red, Green, and Gold! We had a similar idea for holiday party dresses at