Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Five

(1) Back at Wake! I was on Thanksgiving break last week but I am excited to be back! I'm not so excited for the 5 final papers I have to write and the 4 final exams I have to study for, but I love seeing everyone and being on campus.

(2) If y'all follow me on Twitter, then you know about my crazy obsession with caffeine as of late! My new favorite Starbucks drink is unsweetened Iced Coffee. It pairs very nicely with Diet Coke and absurd amounts of work...

(3) Let's all take a moment to get SUPER excited for Christmas! I can't believe it's the last day of November!! WHERE HAS THE SEMESTER GONE?

(4) Song of the week/song of the year definitely has to be "Some Nights" by Fun. Can't stop listening to it. Kind of becoming a problem.

(5) I've been using Snap Chat more than usual lately....everyone should get it! It's the BEST!

Have a great weekend!!

xoxo, Hannah

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Pink and Green Prep's Christmas Gift Guide: J. Crew and Kate Spade

(1) Tippi Sweater: Very lightweight and can be worn year round!

(2) Wide Cashmere Wrap: Great for layering!

(3) Cashmere Long Gloves: I love wearing J. Crew gloves during the colder months! They have a ton of different options!

(4) Bow Ring: I am obsessed with bows! So girly!

(5) Bubble Necklace: Everyone needs a bubble necklace. 

(6) Collection Janey Printed Flats: My mother just got these and I'm so jealous. The gold heel is super cute.

(7) Excursion Quilted Vest: Definitely one of my favorite vests!

(8) Sperry Topsider for J. Crew Short Shearwater Boots: The green gives the classic boots a fun pop of color!

(1) Skinny Mini Pave Pearl Drop Earrings: Bows and it!

(2) Skinny Mini Pave Bow Bangle: Great for bracelet stacking!

(3) Hi 5 Mittens: Kate Spade always has creative designs for their gloves.

(4) Brightspot Avenue Little Kennedy: LOVE the hot pink!

(5) Mikas Pond Lacey Wallet: Gold is a great neutral color for a wallet.

(6) and (7) Idiom Bangles: They say the cutest things!

(8) Ski Hats: I have a couple of these and they are adorable alternatives to the regular ski cap!

(9) Diagonal Stripe iPhone 4 Case: Very festive!

(10) La Pavilion Large Natalie: Such a great makeup case!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Pink and Green Prep's Christmas Gift Guide: For the Boys

Day 2 in the Christmas Gift Guide series! Enjoy!

(1) Southern Proper T-Shirts: Every guy likes them. They're super comfortable and have clever designs!

(2) Smathers and Branson Monogrammed Flask: IT'S JUST SO PREPPY.

(3) Smathers and Branson Needlepoint Baseball Cap: My personal favorite is the American flag! 

(4) J. Crew Watch: Simple and inexpensive!

(5) Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt: Everybody needs a Shep Shirt! 

(6) Jack Daniels: For the over-21 man in your life...

(7) Southern Tide Gift Card: I think it would be any Wake Forest guy's dream to get a Southern Tide gift card for's the go-to brand for preppy southern boys!

(8) Smathers and Branson Needlepoint Belt: Basically, just head to Smathers and Branson for all of your shopping needs for guys!

What are y'all getting for your boyfriends/brothers/fathers/husbands? Let me know!

Have a lovely day! I have been back home for the past 8 days and I'm finally heading back to campus tonight! 

xoxo, Hannah

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Pink and Green Prep's Christmas Gift Guide: For the Ladies

I have a made a ton of different gift guides for this holiday season, so here is the first one in the series! Enjoy!

(1) J. Crew Bubble Necklace: I see these all the time around campus! They're so cute and come in a lot of different colors...also, there are cheaper, non-J. Crew versions on some jewelry sites!

(2) Kate Spade Watch: Everyone needs a good watch!

(3) Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf: There are soo many different versions; the Murfee, the Murfette, the infiniti loop, Lilly prints, sorority prints...they keep going on!

(4) Preppy Princess iPhone Cases: Choose a print and a monogram and you're set! I have one in pink seersucker with a green monogram!

(5) Marley Lilly Monogram Earrings: I gave these to fNc for her birthday and she loves them! They're simple yet still monogrammed.

(6) Fornash Bracelet: There are a lot of different Fornash bracelets to choose from, and they're all so cute!

(7) J. Crew Gift Card: You can never go wrong with this!

(8) Monogrammed Tervis Tumbler: I live with my tervis tumbler, and having a jumbo size monogrammed one would be adorable! A lot of my friends have them and they're too cute!

What are y'alls must-have gifts for ladies? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obsession: Riding Boots

I can safely say that I wear boots every day, mostly riding boots. They are the best. They can honestly be worn with a TON of outfits and last forever!

I have my favorite pair of riding boots, which can be seen in almost every single one of my OOTD pictures. I'm obsessed...honestly. They're from Madewell, but unfortunately they don't make them in the same style anymore! 

(1) Franco Sarto Clint Boot in Dark Brown

(2) Etienne Aigner Chip Boot in Black/Banana Bread

(3) Frye Dorado Boot in Cognac Full Grain Brush Off

(4) Nine West Tiptop Boot in Black

Here are some of my favorite outfits with the boots that were featured above!

Where are y'alls favorite riding boots from? Let me know!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Okay, it's not so cold outside in Winston-Salem (it was 60 degrees this weekend, like what), but I still love finding the perfect winter coat! Here are some of my favorites:

Have a great day y'all!

xoxo, Hannah

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I AM SO EXCITED! I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of the holiday itself (we haven't done the whole turkey-thing in years!) but I absolutely cannot wait to go home! It has been 12 weeks of being at Wake, and while I love it, I am craving a much needed break. I'm actually leaving on Saturday to go back home...I'm allowed a certain amount of excused absences so I'm skipping class on Monday, and my classes were cancelled on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! This way, I'll have a whole WEEK at home! EEEEK! I've put together some Thanksgiving themed outfits for the upcoming holiday! Enjoy!

I'm actually really obsessed with the two outfits shown above. I'm determined to find these exact pieces so I can recreate them later in the fall! I loooove the outfit on the left; perfect for walking around town (can't wait) or just hanging out! Of course I had to include a vest (y'all, it's really turning into a problem, I'm pretty sure I wear a vest every single day, I need to stop!!) and I paired it with a white cable knit sweater. It's pretty thick and can be paired with a whole variety of vests! I'm so excited to go home so I can pick up my Bean Boots; I've missed them! Tuck your skinny jeans into the boots and top everything off with some accessories (my picks are pearls, aviators, and a neutral watch). The outfit on the right is super comfy and low-key! Camel sweaters are my personal favorite, and I would definitely get this J. Crew camel turtleneck in a larger size than I would usually wear so it could be worn with leggings. Pair the outfit with riding boots and a Barbour jacket and you're set for fall!

If you're going out for Thanksgiving, here's some outfit inspiration! On the left, I put a navy sweater dress with riding boots and tights. It's not super-fancy and it can be dressed up or down. I am obsessed with bubble necklaces, and I would personally choose a bright color to add a pop to the neutral dress. On the right, I looove the full tartan skirt/white oxford shirt idea. I'm a huge fan of high waisted full skirts (showing off the waistline!), and to dress up the outfit even more, wear heels! Lastly, add a statement pearl necklace to make the white oxford a bit girlier. 

What are y'all doing for Thanksgiving? Who's as excited as I am? Let me know!
Have a lovely day!
xoxo, Hannah

Monday, November 12, 2012

Obsession: Hair Bows by Devon Alana

Hi y'all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was sent a couple of hairbows from the Etsy shop owner Devon Alana. They are super girly and preppy!

I actually wore this patriotic seersucker bow a couple of weeks ago to an American themed party.

The bows come in a variety of styles and materials, like seersucker, school themed (like my black and gold bow shown above), chevron, and Lilly prints!

Have y'all ever ordered from Devon Alana before? If not, y'all should! She is extremely sweet and the customer service is amazing! Plus, the bows are adorable!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas Wish List!

I have been getting requests to post my Christmas wish list for the past couple of weeks, so here it finally is! 

(1) Jack Wills Rayton Dress

(2) David Yurman Petite Albion ring in garnet

(3) FOSSIL Tortoiseshell watch

(4) David Yurman Pearl Cable Classics bracelet

(5) Sosie Zig Zag Cinch Dress

(6) Barbour Bedale Jacket

What's on y'alls Christmas list? Let me know!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah

Monday, November 5, 2012


Sweater: J. Crew
Necklace: J. Crew
Jeans: J. Crew
Boots: Madewell

Shirt: J. Crew
Sweater: Rugby
Vest: Rugby
Jeans: J. Crew
Boots: Madewell

Sweater: J. Crew
Jeans: J. Crew
Boots: Madewell

Jacket: J. Crew
Scarf: Marley Lilly
Jeans: J. Crew
Boots: Madewell

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Blazer: Rugby
Jeans: J. Crew
Boots: Madewell

Dress: Belk
Boots: Cowboy boots from Jackson Hole

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last 2 Gamedays!

Hi y'all! Two weeks ago we had a home game against Clemson and yesterday we had another home game against Boston College! Yesterday was technically our last gameday since our real last home game is during Thanksgiving break. It's so weird to think that the next time I'll watch a Wake Forest football game I'll be a SOPHOMORE! Eeek!!!! Here are some pictures from the 2 games.

My family came to the Clemson game! I snuck my brother into the Student Tailgate and introduced him to a ton of people. Doesn't he look like the ideal Wake student ;) ?

Who's sad about football season ended? I definitely am!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy 19th, fNc!

It's my friend fNc's 19th birthday today! So lucky because it's also a gameday! Happy Birthday!!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

xoxo, Hannah

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mad for Plaid

My family is Scottish, so of course we have a natural attraction to anything and everything plaid. My mother has decked me and my brother out in winter tartans and summer madrases since we were little! Here are some of my favorite plaid items this fall.

Rugby is going crazy for plaid this holiday season and it makes me so happy! I have one of their shirtdresses but I love the plaid one shown above.

Ahhh such a cute Rugby blazer!

This Rugby coat is so preppy and perfect for winter.

Pairing this skirt with a white oxford shirt and pearls would be a great alternative to a dress for a Christmas party!

Buffalo check is one of my favorite plaids, and J. Crew has an adorable coat this fall featuring it!

Vineyard Vines is so great in every way, I really can't compliment it enough, and I love that they're taking an uber-preppy stance on wearing plaid!

Y'all know of my love for vests and I can't get enough of Rugby's plaid down vest!

I frequently wear my brother's flannel shirts from Rugby. They make a great oversized addition to duck boots and leggings!

Have a great day, y'all!

xoxo, Hannah