Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Five

(1) I am back home in Connecticut after being in Jackson Hole for 2 weeks! I'm here for one week until I go back to school on Tuesday morning. Break has just flown by!

(2) Who else was successful in the Lilly Pulitzer sale? My mother and I were up at 8 to choose our favorite items. I got some of the things that were on my birthday wishlist on super sale! So happy!

(3) Speaking of online shopping, who else is annoyed in general at how long it takes for things to be shipped and delivered? I have a bunch of stuff that supposed to come in the mail, but I'm getting nervous that I'm going to leave for Wake before they arrive!

(4) I'm spending the day in New York City with my mother and my brother to shop (yet again) so I'll have a post out later this weekend with lots of pictures! There are some specific items that I'm looking to buy, so wish me luck! Hopefully most of the tourists will have gone home by now so it won't be too busy.

(5) Y'all, I haven't had coffee in 1 week! This is a big deal! I think I've made a breakthrough!

How has y'alls week been? Let me know!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Definitely stocked up on some goodies during the Lilly sale! I don't see how you've gone that long without coffee, congrats I can't seem to do it!

  2. Long shipping is the DEATH of me. I can totally relate. <3, Holly