Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Wear J. Crew's Pixie Pant

I have started to wear J. Crew's Pixie Pant more than jeans or regular leggings; they are the BEST. They are essentially a nicer pair of leggings that can pass as pants. They're made in a thicker, stretchy material with a zipper in the back (so they don't look like full-on leggings). I wear them to hang out, to study, to wear around the house, to nice dinners, to everything. Looooove them! Here are some of the ways that I wear pixie pants.

sweater: j.crew
pants: navy pixie pant
scarf: j. crew      boots: frye

top: j. crew
pants: black pixie pant
shoes: tory burch 

t-shirt: frat collection
pants: gray pixie pant
shoes: cowboy boots

Do y'all have the pixie pant? How do you like them and what do you wear with them? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Three of my friends came over the other day and they all had the pixie pant on! I think I need to invest in a pair!

  2. I love that they now offer them in so many colors!

  3. I need to try these!I've been searching for a great pair of cigarette style pants and I think these will do it!

  4. These are my favorite pants EVER! I don't even remember what jeans feel like because I wear these so much :)

  5. Ive been looking at getting some pixie pants for ages as they look so comfy and practical, but sadly as I'm in the England they are £95 which is about $150 which is crazy, I'm pretty sure it doesn't cost them that much to ship them.

  6. I don't have J.Crew's pixie pants, but I recently bought a pair of ponte leggings from Ann Taylor Loft. They are very similar! They are my favorite pair of leggings!

  7. Someone already mentioned them but I also have a pair of leggings from LOFT I love. I'll have to try the J.Crew Pixie pant out, though, because it comes in so many colors! I love the first outfit you put together :)
    Charlee Anne @

  8. I rock it with either a tunic and boots or long sleeve tee and boots alllll the time!

  9. Have them and love them! I agree you can wear them anywhere. They're great to pair with a cute shirt and some flats.


  10. i absolutely love love LOVE all your posts and your style and its all just beautiful, but could you do a post on more reasonably priced clothing options similar to what you would normally post? possibly even add them into your posts? it would be great! thanks so so much xx

  11. I bought them in my size and When I wore them for the first time they where a little bit loose in the front area. Is that suppose to happen?

    1. You are supposed to buy one or two sizes smaller for the best fit :)