Monday, February 11, 2013

What's in my Bag: College Edition

I have done a couple of "What's in my Bag" posts in the past, but here is an updated version for my time in college!

(1) I have remained faithful to my navy Longchamp this entire school year! I absolutely love it and think it's the perfect tote bag for college. 

(2) I am trying to drink much more water, so I like to carry around a water bottle (either from Tervis or Lilly Pulitzer) when I go to class.

(3) I have already posted about my love for Lilly Pulitzer wristlets, but they are GREAT for college! 

(4) I have actually started to use 2 Lilly planners (I'm crazy...I know); one is for my homework and the other is for social/everything else! My handwriting is super big and I can't fit everything into one planner anymore!

(5) I handwrite all my notes, so I have to have pens and pencils in my bag so I can always be prepared!

(6) I have class form 10-1 every day, so I will usually eat a salad in our university center while spending some quality time with my Macbook.

(7) I would be lying if I said that I can't live without my iPhone. It's really sad.

What do y'all like to keep in your bags when you go to class? Let me know!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. First of all, LOVE my red Longchamp; I have to rep my Miami University pride. In it I naturally keep my laptop, notebooks, pencil pouch, and phone. I also keep a tiny pouch with a roll-on Aqcua Di Gioa and CO Bigelow chapstick. Couldn't live without it all, sadly enough.

  2. What two prints are your Lilly planners? Show us how you take notes /handwriting please. I absolutely love your school related posts!

    1. I have a jumbo agenda in Prep Green Easy Tiger and a large planner in Shorely Blue Leggy.

      Here are the two posts I did about my notes and organizing my planner:

  3. I carry most of the same! I also always carry a backup phone charger!

  4. Randomly stumbled on your blog and I'm absolutely obsessed! From one Tridelta to another, DLAM :)