Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Already thinking about my sophomore dorm room...

Here is my lovely dorm room this year...I wish it was as clean as when this picture was taken! It's also changed a ton because of all the goodies I got during big/little revelation week...but I still love it! I already have to think about where I'm going to be living on campus as well as who I'm going to be living with! I have a roommate but I'm still figuring out the details for suitemates and what dorm! Wake doesn't have sorority houses (ugh) but we do have sorority halls. Unfortunately, my roommate and I were the cutoff to live on the halls since there are only so many spots available! Housing drama is inevitable but I'm hoping everything will work out!!

I need to start talking to my future roommate about our room decorations, but here are some of my favorite dorm pictures that I've found on Pinterest!

Which picture is your favorite? Let me know!

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. These are so cute! I loved living in Davis, it was so convenient to everything and we ended up in an old handicap dorm, which had a huge bathroom and it's own laundry room - so much better than having to drag laundry all over the place. Have fun decorating!

  2. Where is your monogrammed pillow case from in the picture of your dorm room? I've been looking for one like that for awhile!!

  3. some of these are SO impressive for dorm rooms! I've lived in an apartment since my sophomore year which makes decorating/space issues a lot easier! I'm sure your's will turn out amazing!

  4. Those are some incredibly cute dorm rooms! I'm currently looking at decor and bedding for my freshman year at college! It's such a challenge to find something cute yet functional since there's hardly any room for wasted space. I love the pictures an may have to draw some inspiration from them!



  5. love the second from the bottom! I'm a senior in high school and I hope my roommate and I can agree on dorm decor in the fall!

  6. LOVE the third one and the one with the string of lights, so pretty!
    xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  7. wish my dorm would be anything close to the sort!

    I have a flower print tommy hilfiger print comforter.
    our walls are too ugly to work with!

  8. Those are the most precious dorm rooms! I lived in my sorority house and it was sooo fun decorating our room each year!! I can't wait to see what you pick!

  9. All of these are adorable, but I love the pink and green!! I wish my room was half that cute now!