Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I Want: Dan Post Cowboy Boots

I'm a sucker for cowboy boots, and the pair that I currently wear almost every day at Wake are kind of falling apart. I'm serious. I wear them to class, to study, to football games, to parties, to EVERYTHING. I'm obsessed with them. But, I got them when I was a freshman in high school on a sale rack in Jackson Hole....I think they need to be retired, or only worn to gross fraternity basements where I'll know they'll be put into good use. 

My big (and everyone else at Wake) is from Texas, so she knows the importance of the "brand" of a good cowboy boot. I've asked around and researched, and I've fallen in love with Dan Post! Here are the 4 boots that I am lusting over.

The two that I am actually saving up for are the Teju Lizard Boots (top left) and the Sidewinder boots (bottom left). They're relatively inexpensive and I just love them. Going to school in the south has definitely influenced my style, and I know I would wear both boots all the time!

What do y'all think? What brand of cowboy boots do y'all like? Let me know because honestly I have no clue about anything related to cowboy boots except whether or not they look good!

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Have you checked out Ariat boots? My Heritage Western Ariats are the most comfy boots I own. They have a rubber outsole so I feel safe with my klutzy self wearing them in snow and ice. They are also really cushioned and come in different toe shapes. They are very affordable and stylish. You can find them just about anywhere including Zappos and countryoutfitters.com.

  2. I recently got a pair of Tony Lamas and I am in love! They are so cute and are comfortable too. I got the round toe ones because I thought that the point ones were a little too pointy. They are amazing! I would definitely recommend them!

  3. I have a pair of Durango boots and I absolutely love them! They're relatively cheap, too; I got mine on sale for $80 and I wear them all the time. There are a lot of styles, but I got the almond-toe "Ladies' Distressed Brown Western Boots."

  4. I have the top right pair and I love love love them! They have a little bit of a higher heel than a traditional cowboy boot which is something I love about them! Dan Post is the best!!

  5. My cowboy boots are actually from L.L. Bean! They had some cute ones on display in their flagship store (I'm from Maine :-) ) in September 2011 and they were one of my birthday presents that year!

    Going to school in the South has definitely influenced my style too... I'm MUCH more into Lilly now. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK


  6. I love my Ariat Heritage Western R-toe boots! They are so comfortable and relatively inexpensive as far as genuine cowboy boots go!