Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 5 favorite songs from my freshman year of college

I loooove music and I can definitely relate specific songs to certain events that have happened this year in college! Here are the top 5 most memorable songs from my freshman year!

(1) I am fairly certain I have requested "Dance (A$$)" by Big Sean at every single party this year. I am not lying. I am beyond obsessed with this y'all don't understand. I turn into a crazy person when I hear it! It's also a big-little bonding song for me and Big! 

(2) "Ayy Ladies" is such a fun song...if you can understand what they're saying...

(3) I LOVE THIS SONG! "Cruise" is such a feel good happy song and everyone belts it out when we hear it at parties!

(4) Deltas unite! Whenever any Tri-Delts at Wake hear the Wobble, for some reason we all group together and do the dance! It's crazy how we can immediately find each other!

(5) Macklemore actually came to Wake for WakeStock...but ended up leaving after some technical difficulties. Still awesome! Thrift Shop is like an anthem at our school!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. love that y'alls is Wobble. At my school, it's Lil John's "throw it up" that brings all the Deltas together :) DLAM!

  2. The Wobble is the theme song for my sorority at my school! We go crazy whenever we here it wherever we are!

  3. Love love love Cruise! I got to see Florida Georgia Line at their concert in Charlotte in January and they were just as good live, if not better! Such a fun song. I really like the new remix of it, too!

    And Thrift Shop is a classic. :-) This was a cool post! You may have inspired me to do the same thing!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  4. Dance is a hit at my college too. I am a college athlete and this is played all the time in our locker room.

  5. Big Sean will be at Elon University with Blau on Friday! I cannot wait to see him!