Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What to Wear: Maxi Dresses

It has FINALLY gotten to be nice outside at Wake Forest, and I'm finally wearing real clothes to class instead of leggings and a sorority t-shirt! I'm trying to not wear a Lilly shift dress every day - which is super hard - so I spiced it up with a maxi dress this week! Here are some of my favorite maxi dress options from a few of my favorite stores.

(1) Francesca's is an awesome place for inexpensive and cute dresses! I love all the maxi dresses on their website! Also, they have great jewelry to accessorize the dress with!

(2) Lilly Pulitzer is my go-to for maxi dresses. I have 2 casual Lilly maxi dresses and 4 more formal maxi dresses...I'm a little obsessed. 

(3) I was at Forever 21 last weekend and I thought that they had great options for springy maxi dresses!

(4) The embellishment at the neckline of this dress from Francesca's is super cute!

(5) My mother loved this Lilly dress when it came out earlier this year!

(6) I just bought this dress from Forever 21 in turquoise! Belt it and add jewelry and you're good to go!

(7) Another dress from Francesca's...such a pretty color and great for the beach!

What are some of y'alls favorite places to get maxi dresses? How do you like to style them? Let me know!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. Hi Hannah!
    I absolutely love everything you post! I am sure you have seen the Lilly Pulitzer Didi dress. I am thinking of buying it, but I have no idea where I would wear it too! Please help! Thanks! Also it would be great if you posted a picture of all of your Lilly Pulitzer Maxi dresses, I'd love to see them!
    Ellen Kirk

  2. I am super short and always on the hunt for petite maxi dresses! I just ordered on from Jcrew.

  3. Beautiful ladies summer maxi dresses collection, I like, thanks for sharing.