Friday, May 31, 2013

Decorating Your Dorm Room: Wall Decor

Adding personal touches to your room like pictures, memo boards, and monograms make your dorm room super cute! It also helps the room not look like a prison cell. 

I looooooved the Lilly letters that my mom made for my dorm room. I'm going to make some more for my room next year, as well as some for my roomie! There are a trillion DIY tutorials on Pinterest for how to paint your own Lilly letters, but you can also cover wooden letters with Lilly wrapping paper. Otherwise, you can get a wall decal from Etsy!

There is an Etsy shop that specializes in Lilly Pulitzer printed memo boards, and I think they're adorable. I had one in my room last year! It's a great place to put photos, as well as random items: I put my ∆∆∆ bid card and letters from my friends on mine!

I had a Lilly dry-erase board on my door (which turned out to be an interesting experience because my room was right by the elevator and people got pretty creative after coming back from parties). I love this half calendar, half dry erase board from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Crafting your own artwork is also super cute! I'm painting some canvases really soon with some quotes that the roomie and I have picked out! Things to paint are bible verses, sorority goodies, and quotes! Also, Prep in Your Step has a great Etsy shop with preppy painted canvases! I have the one shown above with the long champ/Jacks/Shift Dress/Hunters on it!

I also love cork boards and magnetic boards! I'm planning on crafting my own later on this summer!

Have a fabulous day!

xx, Hannah

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  1. That You Gotta Regatta print in the last photo set is perfect for my Lilly-fied apartment! Where did you find it?