Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 5 Summer Resolutions

(1) Get healthy! College definitely screws up your eating habits. I stopped drinking Diet Coke starting May 1st, and I've stopped snacking between meals. It's so much easier being healthy at home, but hopefully some habits that I'll develop this summer will carry over into my sophomore year! 

(2) Run a half marathon! I ran cross country in middle school (a long time ago, I know) and I have worked out consistently since I was probably 14, but around Spring Break this year I started running again. I immediately noticed a difference in my body and I felt great! Unfortunately I sprained my ankle after Spring Break so I haven't worked out as much as usual, but now that I'm hope for a full 4 months this summer I'll be able to get back into great shape! 

(3) Make money! I have my first real job this summer working at Lilly Pulitzer, and I'm super excited to actually make my own money!

(4) Grow my hair out! I've been literally trying to have long hair since I was probably 13 but I always get impatient and sick of waiting, so I end up cutting it. But, this year at school my hair has gotten to be the longest it's been since 7th grade, so I'm getting there! 

(5) Plan the perfect dorm room with my wonderful roomie!

What are y'all doing this summer? Let me know!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. I love the healthy resolution! I am beginning to train for a 5k this summer and my goal is a half by the end of the year. Good luck on your first real job! I know you will be a great representative of Lilly Pulitzer!

  2. I just started running again too! Though I didn't run on a team in the past, just did gymnastics. It does feel great!

  3. Nice goals! I just ran my first marathon last Sunday. I too was a runner before (xc in high school) but during college I didn't run that much but I got back into it in the fall and completed my first marathon under 4 hours! You can totally do it! I'm now running 5-6 times a week and I love how it makes me feel!

    Congrats on your job at Lilly! I'm super jealous!!

  4. I'm working to be healthier this summer, too. And working a lot! Although my job isn't as awesome as yours. Hope you love it!

  5. I love the acronyms for CRAP and FOOD!! I will definitely be with you on the getting healthy part as I just finished my freshman year of College too!

  6. congrats on your job! that will be so fun! I need to get back on the healthy eating track too!

  7. is that the lilly on greenwich ave?