Saturday, May 18, 2013

What to Wear: Graduation

Graduation season is upon us, and Lilly Pulitzer has all the right dresses for the occasion! Whether you're going to a graduation party or having a graduation of your own, here are some dresses that I think would be perfect for all events!

(1) The Payton is such a great strapless dress. It has pearls sewn into the lace that make the dress stand out from other white dresses! 

(2) I saw the Harwin in the Lilly store in Greenwich the other day and I was so sad because they didn't have my size! It is GORGEOUS. It's ridiculously flattering and the neckline is beautiful!

(3) The Antonia comes in two colors, pink and white, and I am obsessed with both! It's a very innocent dress that could be worn to so much afterwards!

(4) The Nicci is a classic Lilly lace shift dress! So pretty!

(1) The Caldwell is my newest obsession out of the Booze Cruise collection of the Lilly summer line. I tried it on the other day and it's gorgeous! Perfect with a belt and wedges.

(2) The Janice comes in two prints: Cosmo Pink Mini Party Favors and Turquoise High Beams. It's a really popular dress at the Greenwich store because it's so dang cute! It has gold lace detail at the neckline that makes the traditional shift stand out!

(3) The Foley is great because it is longer in length than most Lilly dresses, and it's fitted in the top and waist! The blue looks great with a tan and gold accessories as well!

(4) The Delia is so much fun, especially in the much-loved Cha Cha print! It's a little short, but I would counter that with a white Kaitlin cardigan and Jack Rogers!

What are y'all wearing to graduation and its accompanying parties? Let me know!

Have a fabulous day!

xx, Hannah


  1. I'm wearing a Lilly shift to actual graduation and my celebration after. Is there any reason for all the white grad dresses?

  2. At my graduation we don't wear cap and gown but white dresses and summer tuxes for the boys! These dresses are perfect for that!