Sunday, June 2, 2013

Decorating Your Dorm Room: Closet and Bath

My closet in my freshman dorm room taught me a lot: You need to make really good use of the small space your have, and I have way too many clothes. I can honestly say I'm not going to bring back at least half of what I took to college. It gets to be a hassle, and I really didn't wear much of it! 

I used mostly the pink plastic hangers from the Container Store, but I had a couple of multi-hangers that I really recommend. You make a really efficient use of space with them so your clothes are packed tightly together. 
For shoes, I had a huge bin that I put them all in except for my nicer heels which I kept in shoe bags in another basket. But, through the process of trial and error, I will definitely not be using this method in the fall! I got really sick of digging around for shoes. I also learned that I don't need to take every single pair of Jack Rogers I own on top of multiple other pairs of flip flops and sandals. The Container Store has a great dorm section of their website, and now I've found a couple of different options for storing my shoes! Also, depending on the room and closet you have, a lot of people had the hanging-door shoe  bag. I'm not going to use one next year, though, because I'm pretty sure the closet I'm sharing with my wonderful roomie isn't really compatible with one!
I monogramed everything, like my laundry bag, towel wrap, and towels. I go a little bit overboard, but everyone knows what things are mine! I looove my laundry bag; it's very similar to the preppy options I found here. Marley Lilly has really cute towel wraps. Lastly, my mom has a talent of finding everything on sale, so she found some Polo Ralph Lauren towels that we got monogrammed later on. 

Literally everything useful can be found at the Container Store. Drawer dividers were really nice for my bra and underwear drawer, and don't forget a lint roller! I have the exact heat-styling caddy shown above, and it was great for keeping my counter clutter free. I was really lucky because my room had a built-in sink! So, it will be a little bit of an adjustment keeping everything in a communal bathroom in my suite in the fall. I also used the pink and orange bath caddy shown above for my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Also, make sure to buy a delicates bag for when you do laundry!

Have a great day!

xx, Hannah


  1. hey hannah! i love this post and this dorm series! wish i had this when i was at school! i was wondering if you could make a post about what clothes you would bring to college (now that you know what not to bring)? maybe what clothes to leave and what clothes to bring? i have a small closet now so i'd love to see how you decide which clothes are the best to bring! thanks!:)

  2. Where did you find the heat-styling caddy?