Saturday, June 1, 2013

Decorating Your Dorm Room: Desk

I used my desk as a place to put literally everything. I had a trillion wine glasses and Lilly cups, my printer, my schoolwork, Tri-Delt stuff, as well as like 5 picture frames piled on my desk. My goal is to keep my desk next semester more organized! 

Wake Forest provided us with nice desks with a lot of room for storage. But, I definitely overthought and overpacked my desk accessories. 

You will need:
pencils (regular, mechanical)
extra printer and lined paper
post-its, mini note pads, etc. 

All other things are unnecessary and just clutter up your desk!

I would advise getting a printer to keep in your room. I used mine all the time first semester, but not as much second semester because I spent more time in the library and just found it easier to print things there. You can keep it on or under your desk, or share with your roommate! My dad got a new computer a year or two ago and it came with a free printer, so he just gave it to me to take to college! I know Apple does some kind of student deal like that. 

Your desk is a great place to put your picture frames. Buy your picture frames from cute gift stores or even places like TJ Maxx and Target, or craft your own! I'm going to be crafting a lot of picture frames this summer (for my future little, for me and my roommate, etc.) so I'll definitely post some DIY tutorials, but check out Pinterest for some great ideas! 

What do y'all put on your dorm room desks? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xx, Hannah

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  1. I found your blog through Pinterest. I was so tickled to see that you attend Wake. I live in Winston and my daughter is getting ready to go to UNC- Chapel Hill in the fall. We appreciate all of your pointers and love your style. Thank you for sharing.