Monday, June 3, 2013

Decorating Your Dorm Room: Food and Drink

Hi y'all! This is the second to last day of my dorm room series! Today I'll be talking about the best foods and drinks to have in your dorm room year round. 

I think that the Lilly Pulitzer for Lifeguard Press collection is great, especially their drinkwear. I got a lot of assorted drinkwear during Big/Little revelation week, so I never run out of wine glasses and cups, but these are great because they're dishwasher safe. You don't have to worry about ruining the creative genius of your sorority sisters! My best friend gave me the Lilly wine glasses for my birthday and I use them probably every day! The tumblers are also great because there are so many in one set!

I like to keep diet cranberry juice in my room, as well as a 12 pack of Diet Coke under my bed. Water is easy because I'll just use my Brita pitcher to filter the dorm water. Crystal Light packets are a lifesaver because I'm one of those people that gets really bored with water pretty easily. Some people like to keep milk in their room because they have their own cereal in the morning (instead of going to a dining hall or Starbucks to get food), but I never had any.

I never kept "real" food in my dorm room because I would rather go to the Pit or Benson to get meals. Snack foods are the best foods to have in your room. I would get a bag of apples from the grocery store  and they would last me a while. My friends and I would also take bananas from our main dining hall to put in our rooms. If I overslept or needed a snack, I had an unlimited supply of Luna Bars and Special K Meal Bars. I looove craisins, almonds, and granola as well! My hall had an obsession with chips and salsa, so I always made sure to have some in my room! Lastly, for the sometimes much-needed pig out moments, Golden Oreos were a favorite of my friends!

Have a great day!

xx, Hannah


  1. Before I lived in an apartment with a kitchen I lived off of fruit, granola, luna bars, and chips and salsa/guac!

    Now that I'm in the real world (that was fast..), I still live off of those things with a quesadilla thrown in here and there! ;)

  2. I had lilly plastic cups in my dorm room too! I never kept real food in their either, just snacks!