Monday, July 29, 2013

Favorite Fall Lilly Looks

Lilly Pulitzer's Fall Collection went live today! Check it out on their website, or in stores! There are some great items that are perfect for your fall wardrobe.

Counting the minutes until I get my hands on the Hayden. We got it in store and everyone I work with died because it's so great! The Arlington is so pretty and reminiscent of Gatsby! I like that Lilly is making a taller heel; perfect for formals! The gold Cross Town and Shopper are perfect for the entire season, and the fact that there's a Murfee in Tusk in the Sun makes me so happy! The Sunset is a new take on the previous Dusk Top, and it's so cute! Lastly, I plan to live in the Black Luxurys. They're so skinny you can tuck them into tall boots; so excited!

What do y'all like from the fall Lilly line? Any thoughts? Let me know!

Have a great week!

xx, Hannah


  1. Everything is so cute! I love the Hayden too!


  2. I need the Hayden! Living in London, I usually just go with the basics from the collection rather than the prints!

  3. I am loving it! Especially loving the heels and the Tusk in the Sun murfee! And the wristlet and clutch? Must haves!


  4. I think everything is just so adorable! But that Hayden cardigan...I MUST have! It's too cute to pass up!


  5. Elsa top (or anything really) in the multi chevron print, Hearts Aflutter!

  6. Love all their stuff for fall, I can't wait to get some.

  7. I am loving the Tusk In Sun Murfee, and the Get Hoppy frog print Riley Infinity Loop! I also love cross town clutch!

  8. Hannah, what do wear to college parties? Not formals, but on the weekend?