Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer + Lifeguard Press + Agendas + OCD + HAPPINESS

I cannot get enough of the Lilly for Lifeguard Press agenda in the Tusk in the Sun print! First of all, it's pink and navy. Not the typical bright and crazy Lilly print, but I really like that! It's nice to have a change! Secondly, there are elephants on it. HELLO. ELEPHANTS. It's like a dream come true.

I got the large agenda this year, and I think I'm going to stick to this size. Last year, I ordered the large, but then halfway through the first semester I ordered the jumbo. I used the large for academic scheduling, and the jumbo for social events. I am OCD about my agendas, I didn't have enough room for everything in one agenda, and I have REALLY large those are my excuses for being crazy for getting two Lilly planners.

It's really nice this year that the dividers are laminated! Mine would always get bent in my tote bag.  

I have already started to write things in, but it's tricky because I don't really know anything that's going on in August yet! Also, notice my not-so-subtle countdown to when I get to go back to Wake?

What agenda/print did y'all order? Let me know!

Have a great weekend!

xx, Hannah


  1. I ordered the Large agenda in Let's Cha Cha. I can't wait for it to arrive!


  2. I got the large in let's cha-cha, my students always ohh and ahh over how cute my agenda is!

  3. I got the jumbo in Get Nauti! When I went to my local Lilly store the pink and navy tusks in the sun was on back order for at least 2 weeks already!

  4. I got really excited when I saw this post in my bloglovin feed!! Something about school supplies always makes me really happy! I haven't ordered mine yet because I only really use it for school, but I'm planning on ordering the large in Tusk in Sun! I fell in love when they released the pics of them!! I'm excited for the laminated tabs! My agenda dividers were constantly ripping due to throwing it in and out of my backpack.


  5. I preordered Tusk in the Sun and I can't wait to go pick it up this week.


  6. I just got the large agenda in Lulu! So excited about it!