Friday, July 12, 2013

Obsession: Lululemon

I finally gave in to the Lululemon craze...and now I can never go back. 

The first pair of Lululemon leggings that I bought were the wunder under crop. They are incredibly slimming and really comfortable! I was so confused when I first went into the store because there was literally a wall of a million different styles of leggings. The lady at the Greenwich store was so nice and she helped me find the perfect pair!  

The next pair I plan on getting are the wunder under pants. I just love the "wunder under" style so much! Plus, I like that I can wear these as regular leggings in the fall. 

The only downside to Lululemon is that it is so dang expensive! It is definitely an investment for workout clothes, but the quality is truly unmatched. 

Do y'all have anything from Lululemon? What are y'alls favorite items? Let me know!

Have a great day!!

xx, Hannah


  1. I love Lulu! Their pieces seriously last forever and are super comfortable. The Wunder Under pants are my absolute favourite!


  2. I am obsessed with everything lulu, it's honestly an addiction. But, the Wunder Under crops are my fav, I have several pairs and LIVE in them! You can never go wrong

  3. I resisted workout tights for a long time(really, until I started teaching pure barre) and now I looooove them!
    Lulu ones are great, and I love gap workout capris and Victoria's Secret Sport makes great tights that are so affordable!

  4. The No Limits tank is my favorite! They're awesome for yoga or just staying cool when it's scorching hot outside!

  5. I love the Run: Inspire Crops!! Great crops for running and spinning.

  6. Wunder Under is such a perfect essential. Price wise, the only less expensive (but still great quality) comparable pair of leggings I've found is from Zella at Nordstrom. But really, everything lulu is addictive, even their headbands!

  7. I'm from Canada, so Lulus have been super big here forever. I have SO much Lululemon workout wear. I love their tank tops and crop leggings.... And their jackets and sweaters. And yoga mats! Okay... I love EVERYTHING. All my workout wear is from their store :)
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate

  8. HEADBANDS. :) And I love the Run: A Marathon knee-length spandex - basically the best things to run in, EVER.