Monday, July 22, 2013

Sororities + Social Media

Hi y'all! I'm here today to tell y'all about a great website called Greek Cover Photos. They design custom sorority themed cover photos for your Facebook page, a great way to promote your letters, especially during recruitment! 

Greek Cover Photos also has a contest starting today to help decide what 3 sororities will get cover photos made for them next. The sororities that they have designs for currently are ADΠ, AEΦ, AΦ, XΩ, ∆Γ, K∆, KKΓ, Φ∑∑, ΠBΦ, ∑∆T, and ∑K. 

Here are some of the cover photos that they have available now!

I'll definitely be voting for ∆∆∆ today! 

Check them out and have a great day!

xx, Hannah


  1. Jessica Marie Design Blog also has a bunch too (a few of the sororities not on that list are available on here site) and they are super cute!

  2. I voted for yours! Hope it wins! :)