Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Pack the Perfect Formal Clutch

The new school year is quickly approaching, and with that comes date functions and formals! I would highly suggest getting a cute clutch to carry with you to events. They're really useful and I wish that I had them at some of the parties I went to last year!

I never go anywhere without my iPhone, and I definitely like bringing them to big events so I can take pictures! This Kate Spade wallet is really thin, so there's the perfect amount of room for some cash and your student ID/driver's license. I try not to bring makeup in clutches because I'm usually busy with other things instead of re-applying eyeliner and whatnot, but I like to bring some lipgloss as the bare minimum! Tic tacs are perfect for clutches, as well! And if you get sick of your hair easily, like me, then you'll definitely want to take some twistbands or a hair clip or something!

I hope this helps!

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Have a lovely day!

xx, Hannah


  1. Hi Hannah!
    I love your style and have been reading your blog for a while, it's great! I started my own blog recently and it would mean the world to me if you could give it a "shout out" or even just look at it! It's


    Yours till the boat sinks,


  2. I totally agree about the make-up! Freshman year I would always bring a ton in my clutch and by senior year I was bringing none! your having too much fun to care about reapplying!

  3. Great post! I just love the idea of packing a small wallet and some lipgloss!


  4. This is super smart; I'm definitely going to use it for homecoming! I always am super unprepared, haha, and hairties are something I always forget!

  5. I also used to sometimes throw rainbows in my purse to wear out to bars later in the evening!