Saturday, August 3, 2013


I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but this is a big freaking deal! I have avoided trying on pants of any kind for years, so I finally bit the bullet and did the unavoidable. 

I went to Lord and Taylor with my mom last weekend to look for new jeans. I was on a mission to find skinnies that I could wear with boots in the fall, and bootcuts to wear with cowboy boots. The girls at the Lilly store gave me suggestions about brands to try out, like Paige and Joe's. First off, I was surprisingly disappointed at how small a selection of jeans L&T had! They had a very small amount of jeans per brand, so it was really hard to find what I was looking for. Secondly, there were no low rise jeans! Literally everything was mid-rise. I was very let down at first, but I still brought in a good 15 pairs of jeans to try on. 

I only found 1 pair that were even remotely cute, let alone well fitting. I bought Paige bootcut jeans and they were really cute. I left the store with half of what I was looking for so I was happy. 

Earlier this week, I went to the Westchester Mall with some girls from work to go shopping. I dragged them into Lucky Brand Jeans since I heard that they were super comfortable and very well-fitting. I was literally SO HAPPY because the first pair of skinny jeans I tried on fit perfectly and looked amazing! They were the Sofia Skinny, which is a skinny jean for a curvy body shape. I don't really think of myself as a curvy person, but I absolutely love the way that they fit! I tried on another pair of jeans, but I didn't like them as much so I found a pair of Sofia bootcut jeans to try on instead. Unsurprisingly, I loved them too! 

The salesperson that helped me was so helpful and really nice! After going to a couple of stores in the Westchester, it was nice to have a salesperson who actually spoke to us!  I am so so so happy and I can't wait to wear my three brand new pairs of jeans!

Have a great day!

xx, Hannah


  1. i love lucky jeans! so comfy and i love their denim! i will look into those styles!

  2. I LIVE in denim! I have around 15 pairs of jeans that I wear all the time all year round, and when it's hot I wear jorts instead. Do you wear a lot of leggings/trousers?