Sunday, August 4, 2013

What to Wear: College Parties

Hiii y'all! Tons of incoming freshman who read this blog have requested that I write a "what to wear to parties" post to help them prepare for the upcoming year! I looove going out, so this was a very fun post to write!

I am making a new-school-year resolution to put in effort and actually look nice for parties. I'm going to start off this post by saying that when people go out at Wake forest, we do not wear typical "going out" clothes. It's pretty easy at Wake Forest to be really casual when you go to parties...they're all in really gross basements since we don't have legitimate fraternity houses.  Our parties are 9 times out of 10 in a fraternity basement in an off campus house - not really somewhere where you'd want to wear a nice top and heels. It's so foreign and weird to me that girls at other schools wear nice clothes to parties! Sometimes I literally will wear an oversize t-shirt and norts. No joke. But, I really want to make an effort this year to look cute! 

I like wearing a bandage skirt with a flowy top so I'm not wearing one skin-tight outfit. H&M and Forever 21 have really good bandage mini skirts. They're really cheap and you'll definitely get a ton of use out of them. I have a sparkly black top that I wear out a lot (either with a bandage skirt or leggings), but flowy camis or oversize crop tops are nice to balance out the skirt. 

I buy jean short ("jorts") at H&M and American Eagle. They're just so dang comfortable and perfect when it's really hot outside! I've recently become obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, so the top by Necessary Clothing is way too cute! Necessary Clothing is a really good website for going out tops, as well as the trusty Forever 21. You have to kind of search and not mind some pretty offensive and trashy clothing, but it's worth it! Plus, they're really inexpensive so you won't mind if they get ruined at parties. Frat basements can get pretty rowdy!

Again, with jeans, I like to balance out the skin-tightness of the bottom by wearing a flowy top. Lilly Pulitzer actually has super cute tops for going out! The Sunset top is part of the new fall collection and its soo cute! Also, the Wakely is great for jeans and jorts. I really like the long sleeved crop tops by American Apparel as well!

Lastly, everyone needs a LBD for going out! I know they seem babysized, but sometimes it's super fun to wear a little, tight dress! One time I wore a black dress with tights and "frat flats" to a party in the winter, and I loved it! You can wear them year round! As I said before, I loooooove the off the shoulder style and the dress shown above is no exception! The H&M jersey dress is a favorite of mine because they are like $12 and come in a ton of colors (if you don't want to wear black). I know I have it in black, neon pink, and cheetah print! Tobi also has great dresses (and tops...and leggings...and everything) for parties. 

I try not to wear nice jewelry to parties, but places like Forever 21 and Claire's are good for cheap earrings that are fun to wear out. It's good to spice up an otherwise all black outfit! I have a couple of places where I put my student ID and cell phone: if I'm wearing cowboy boots, I'll put both in the boot; if I'm wearing Chuck's, I'll put my ID in the bottom of the shoe and hold my cellphone; if I'm wearing a fanny pack (don't judge; we Tri-Delts frequently wear our neon fanny packs to parties) I'll put both in it; and if I'm wearing flip flops or flats, I'll put my ID in my bra. You gotta do what you gotta do! But, I'm going to be a little bit more normal and bring a crossbody to parties next semester. I bought a Michael Kors nylon crossbody that (hopefully) won't get ruined if beer and punch is spilled on it. My favorite shoes to wear to parties are cowboy boots and Chuck's. It's a tradition at Wake for sorority girls to wear Chuck Taylor Converse in their specific sorority's colors and then decorate them with sharpie. I have blue Chucks and they are absolutely destroyed from frat basement grossness, but I love wearing them out! 

I hope this helps y'all! I'll try to include some OOTD's from when I go to parties this next school year!

Have a great day!

xx, Hannah

Oh, and I have 19 days until I'm back at Wake :)


  1. cute outfit ideas! my usual going out outfit is a bandage skirt + flowy top!


  2. I love this post! Such great ideas! I was so lost on what to wear my freshman year last year! haha Now I'll be ready to go for my sophomore year! :)


  3. I went to a school where people frequently wore a mix of both casual and "fancy" going out clothes. I erred on the side of fancy most of the time - dark wash jeans, heels or boots, and a flowy top. I would say definitely buy some inexpensive boots for the wintertime! Heels (even heeled boots) can be treacherous in winter weather so boots save your feet by keeping them warm(ish) and dry but also not aching from stilettos! They also look really cute with skirts or jeans. At my school, wearing letters or Greek names of any kind is a major no-no while partying so be sure to get accessories that are plain so you can use them at parties or doing other activities. One small bag is all you really need!

  4. Thank You Hannah!! This is so helpful xoxo



  6. Can you write a blog on how to be a fraternity little sister please!!!! Thanks great blog!