Saturday, August 10, 2013

What to Wear: Country Concert

I am super excited for tonight because I am going to a Kenny Chesney/Eric Church concert in New York! I saw Kenny Chesney last summer before I went to school, and I got really lucky this year and am able to see him again!

Here are some outfit ideas for what to wear to a country concert.

This is a more casual outfit guide. I love tops from Tobi and Necessary Clothing, and my love of "jorts" (jean shorts) when going out is perfect for a country concert. Never forget your cowboy boots! 

I think I'm going to wear something along the lines of the outfit guide shown above! Last year when I went to see Kenny, I wore a black dress and boots. I actually have yet to decide what I'm wearing tonight!!

Have a great weekend!

xx, Hannah


  1. Have fun :) These outfits are so cute! Especially the blue dress with the boots!


  2. I love the blue dress too!

    Have a great night!

  3. Love these outfits! hope you have fun!

  4. Super cute! I know everyone does the sundress and cowboy boots combo when Taylor Swift comes to town! :)

  5. country concerts are always so fun because you can dress comfortably yet cute!