Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five

1. Informal Recruitment is happening right now! So excited for Bid Day on Monday!

2. I am now working for Her Campus Wake Forest on their blogging section, as well as being a member of their social media team! So excited!

via Pinterest
3. I have been super successful in dressing up every day for class. I kind of lost track with looking cute last semester, so now it is my goal to wear things other than norts and a t-shirt! 

4. I have a new pump up song for going out! Looooove it!

5. I just bought this adorable dress from ASOS for any upcoming date function that I have! Can't wait to wear it!

How has y'alls week been? Let me know!

xx, Hannah


  1. My week has been pretty stressful, but I'm glad its finally Friday :)


  2. This was my first week back to school, and it was great! It was a lot of fun seeing old friends and starting new classes, but I am definitely ready for the weekend!


  3. I love the navy top with the white jeans! I have had a great week, but am so glad the weekend is here at last!