Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Pack the Perfect Bag

I carry everything with me in my bag. Even though Wake's campus is really tiny, I am usually too lazy or not in a position to walk across campus back to my dorm room to pick up something that I left on my desk! Here are some of the things that I always have to have in my bag. 

The basics are your jumping off point. If I have a huge work load and plan on studying all day, I'll carry my backpack. If I'm just going to class and am going to do some homework in Starbucks, I'll carry my Longchamp. My Lilly wristlet is always with me because I love that I can swipe into any building without even taking my ID out of the pocket. Lastly, I can't go anywhere without my agenda and iPhone!

I never really carry an entire cosmetic case, usually some lipgloss and if I feel super gross some concealer. 

When I go to study in the library or Starbucks, I make sure to bring my laptop, tons of pens/pencils/highlighters, sticky notes (the best for added room in my agenda) and my notebooks. I have a different notebook for every class.

Lastly, some things that I always have in my bag are my obnoxious amount of sunglasses, earphones, a nutrition bar, a water bottle (a Tervis or Lilly tumbler), and if it's gross outside, an umbrella! 

I hope this helps y'all!

Have a lovely day!

xx, Hannah


  1. Love these bag essentials! I always carry so much with me because I am always worried of forgetting something!


  2. I love that you also carry a few different pairs of sunglasses! I always have at least two pairs with me plus a pair of eyeglasses.


  3. One thing I like to carry around every day is a cosmetic bag with emergency supplies like extra tylenol, kleenex, sunblock, hand sanitizer, bandaids, tide-to-go, and some other stuff.

  4. Great post! I'm not in college, but I carry my Lilly wristlet around with me all the time too!


  5. do you really think a longchamp is worth the investment? i'm debating getting one but i can't decide!

  6. Yay! Really like this post! I'm definitely getting a wristlet and a tumbler... both of them Lilly, of course!

  7. This is a great post! I love the wristlet and the cosmetic case!


  8. Rachel R. - the thing I LOVE about the Longchamp is that it packs down to a small size. I actually don't use mine for daily school use (that's a Lands' End canvas tote - durable and washable) but it's my go-to day bag whenever I travel - I fold it up and pack it in my suitcase, and then take it out at the destination.