Thursday, September 5, 2013

My hurrr

Hi y'all! If you are friends with me on facebook/know me/read this blog regularly, you might have noticed that I have had a change in hairstyle! At the beginning of the summer, I stopped flat ironing my hair; I only blow-dried it straight. But, halfway through the summer I stopped blow drying it! I have had my hair natural for almost 2 months now, and I love it! 

I used to be very resistant of my naturally ringlet curly hair, but for some reason it has really worked out lately! I have also noticed how much it has grown, and my hairdresser commented on how healthy it is now. It doesn't look any longer in the pictures above, mainly since I just cut a little off and it looks shorter because it's so curly, but it grew about 2 inches over the summer. 

I use Garnier and Moroccanoil curly hair products, as well as Nexxus split-end cream. I don't have to use as many split-end products because I don't use any heat products, but I still think that it helps!

For all the girls who have curly hair, rock it!

Have a wonderful day!

xx, Hannah


  1. I love this so much! I just recently switched to natural hair, as well, and it feels great and so much healthier!


  2. Love the curly hair! It makes the morning routine so much easier!


  3. i LOVE your curly hair!!! so pretty! i have plain straight hair and always wish I could curl my hair and have it look like that- work it girl!

  4. I love your hair! I have a similar hair type and finally (after 10+ years of daily straightening) started going natural most of the time--I love that it takes SO much less time to style in the mornings and I don't worry about rain or humidity.I get a lot of compliments, too--a lot of people think that I got a perm or have started curling my hair. :) I have to be like, no, I actually stopped the high-maintenance routine.

  5. It looks so pretty! I'm very jealous, having straight hair, haha! I've also begun to resist constantly trying to style it, and come to appreciate the low maintenance of having thick, straight hair. Yay for embracing natural hair. :)

  6. You have such beautiful curly hair! I might give in to my natural curls more now after reading this post!


  7. You hair looks gorgeous! I'm growing my hair out and have been (slowly) letting go of my straightener too. So glad to hear it will pay off.

  8. Your hair looks great! Not using heat on it makes it so much healthier!