Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I'm Looking Forward to this October

I literally have the busiest month of all months this October!

This weekend, I have Fall Break...which is more like a Fall long-weekend. We only get 1 extra day off (Friday), but I'm still excited! I'm going to my best friend's house in North Carolina with my other two best friends. 

Then, next weekend it's Homecoming! I'm ridiculously excited for my great-grandbig to come back to Wake! Also, we have a huge event called President's Ball on Friday night. It happens every other year, and it's basically a huge formal party held by the school! I am currently deciding between three dresses (2 short and 1 long) but I will definitely post pictures when I decide. 

The following weekend Tri Delta has our annual Oktogafest date function! I have been looking forward to this d-func ever since I joined ∆∆∆. Each couple dresses up in a themed toga, and I'm really excited about mine. It's so "punny" but I love it! Who I'm taking, however, is another question...

The day after Oktogafest is my lovely roommates birthday!! Yayyyy!!

The next week includes Halloween (so many costume parties, yay) and Tri Delt Triple Play, our annual philanthropy for St. Jude!

Phew! So much going on, SO excited!

What are y'all looking forward to this month? Let me know!

Have a great day!

xx, Hannah

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