Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 10 Must-Haves

I have a pretty identifiable style in that I flaunt the pieces that I love the most frequently. Vests, baseball caps, hoop earrings; they're kind of jokes within my friend group because I wear them so much. Here are my favorite items that are key to how I dress!

(1) I love that wearing cowboy boots is an acceptable thing in college down south. Whenever I wear them in CT, people look at me weirdly! My Dan Post boots are my favorite, and they literally make me feel like I'm wearing heels because of the near-3" stacked heel!

(2) It's definitely a bit much, but I can't have a pair of Nike tempo track shorts without getting them monogramed :)

(3) Whenever I'm having a bad hair day, or just don't feel like fixing my hair in the morning, my Ole Miss baseball cap is my go-to. It's getting really worn out now! 

(4) It's finally gotten to be cold outside, so I've been wearing my Barbour coat pretty much every day. Definitely my favorite birthday present ever!

(5) Once I finally found the perfect fur vest, I can't find a time that I don't want to wear it. I used to think that it was a really bold choice to wear a fur vest, but they're becoming so popular that it doesn't stand out too much. 

(6) Every single day of my life, I wear my Michael Kors gold watch and my Yurman clasp bracelet. Every. Single. Day.

(7) There was a time when I was known as "vest girl" in my freshman dorm...I'd say that's pretty accurate. 

(8) Don't get me wrong, I love my pearl earrings. But lately, I've been wearing hoop earrings with everything. I have different sizes for different occasions. The regular (medium) sized hoops are for every day wear, and the larger hoops are for parties. Just remember, the bigger the O the bigger the HOE!

(9) I wear Bean Boots with leggings, jeans, certain dresses and skirts...even norts on certain occasions. They are beyond comfortable (especially paired with J. Crew camp socks). They're also good for a lot of occasions! I've worn them to class, to Mountain Weekend, to frat parties...they're my favorites!

(10) Aviators are just great. I have collected three pair over the past couple of years: one regular, one blue reflective, and one plastic tortoiseshell. They're really flattering and fun!

What are some of your favorite things that make up your style? Let me know!

Have an awesome weekend! It's our last home game tomorrow against Duke, and hopefully I'll go inside to the game after the tailgate to watch the Deacs win! Then, I leave on Sunday for home! Yay!

xx, Hannah


  1. I just got a pair of bean boots!

  2. I love my bean boots - they're great for winters up north. I also couldn't live without a ton of white button downs. I love how versatile they are.


  3. I cannot live without aviators. They are super flattering and lightweight--what's not to love?

    Also, I think it's so funny/cute that people called you "vest girl" freshman year. You've got to do something to stand out in college, right?! I probably should have been called "ugly sweater girl" my freshman year, as I had never worn normal clothes all the time (I went to a uniform-wearing Catholic school) and was still trying to figure out my personal style. Luckily, no one was that mean, and I finally figured out that there were way cuter things to wear than my hideous wool tents.

    Anyway, loved the list! You make me wish I was in college again!!

  4. Completely obsessed with your must haves! We have the same taste and I JUST ordered my 1st pair of bean boots!

  5. Hi Hannah! I LOVE the C wonder faux fur vest (and I love the store because my name starts with a c!) but it's out of stock :( do you know of any other good faux fur vests out there right now? I just picked up a fur scarf at aerie today, but I really would like a vest too. Thanks so much!

  6. Can you do a post on your Barbour or at least some pictures of you wearing it? I am debating between the Bedale and Beaufort and can't make up my mind! Love your posts, by the way. You are spot on. xoxo