Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What to Wear: Tacky Christmas

I'm so excited, y'all. 

Christmas is fastly approaching. Meaning, Tacky Christmas parties are right around the corner. Once Thanksgiving hits, then it is 100% Christmas all the time and I cannot wait. My roomie and I have already started decorating our room for the occasion. Also, the last weekend of school is full of Christmas-themed parties. YAY.

I literally had a heart attack when I saw this sweater. Home Alone is one of my favorite Christmas movies, and the fact "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal" is on this sweater just kills me. I ordered it and definitely plan on wearing it this year......maybe not even to a Tacky Christmas party. It's that good. To make the outfit a little more fun and perfect for girls my age, I paired the sweater with a gold bodycon skirt. The oversize-ness of the sweater balances out the ittybitty-ness of the skirt. You can't forget the ultimate winter shoe (my darling Bean Boots), but you have to include Christmas-themed socks with them. Lastly, accessories such as themed earrings, necklaces, hats, and headbands are essential!

What are y'all wearing to your fun Christmas parties? Let me know!

Have an awesome day!

xx, Hannah


  1. That sweater is awesome! I love how you paired it up with the skirt! Cute idea!


  2. So cute! Love the accessories!

    - Ally

  3. hey hannah! i just started a blog today would you mind checking mine out? i love yours, you inspired me!

  4. I love tacky Christmas! One of my favorite things about the holiday season :)

    - Nicole