Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birthday Weekend!

Hi y'all! Last Friday was my birthday and I had a great time celebrating it! Here are some pictures from the weekend's festivities. 

Turning 20 at our Thursday night party spot...

And Friday night with the girls!

I had a great birthday and am so excited for this new year!

More regular posts to come, I promise! I've had a bit of writer's block so let me know if there are any post requests for things that I haven't previously posted about!

xx, Hannah


  1. What did you get for your birthday?!?! You always have the cutest taste so I want some ideas of what I should ask for! What was it like being on the other side of recruitment? Any advice for a single college girl on valentine's day?

  2. Happy Birthday !! :)

    Rebecca Elizabeth

  3. There's a great challenge going on throughout the month of February that helps you to blog everyday this month. I'm taking part, so feel free to check it out and join in - it isn't too late!


  4. you should post about how to wear bean boots, jack rogers, and large t shirts! and maybe some typical outfits you wear to class and ootds!!!

  5. you should post about how to wear bean boots, jack rogersm what you wear to class, how to wear big t shirts, and ootds! i miss those!

  6. Happy Birthday! I just got my bid from Tri-Delta!!! Sisters across the board!
    One letter, three times better <333

  7. Happy Birthday! :) I hear ya on the writers block I have had the worst the past several months!

  8. I am going to NY for the first time this summer (I come from Europe), please post about your favorite stores/places in NY and where to find stores like Lilly Pulitzer, Rugby, J Crew and all your other favorites! :) Thank you!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! I'd love to see a post about Jack Rogers...how to style them as well as cheaper alternatives. A post about the sorority recruitment process would be awesome as well! Thanks! :)

  10. can you post how to dress for different body types? or maybe post on what you got for Christmas?

  11. -school organization
    -room organization
    -friday favorites
    -skin care
    -healthy eating
    -vanity tour
    -favorite products of all time

  12. Picking your major, spring break plans, VOLGGGG!!!

  13. Maybe what your work out routine is? Cardio? Arms? Legs?