Monday, February 17, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

There's three weeks until Spring Break, and my friends and I all started our bikini-body diets last week. We usually eat fairly healthy, minus Friday and Saturday's (because who actually follows their diets at Late Night one). But, we're all super excited to be on the beach for break, so we're making the extra effort to be as health conscious as possible! Here are five easy ways to stay healthy at college!

(1) It sounds stupid and really basic, but just by carrying a water bottle with you, you're definitely more motivated to drink water. I bought a cute purple water bottle when I came back from winter break and I carry it with me everywhere now! Also, when you drink water, it fills you up more so you don't snack as much! I have made the effort to not drink Diet Coke anymore (it's been one week so far...and it's a struggle) and having a water bottle with me at all times has helped me increase my water intake.

(2) Only keep healthy foods in your dorm room! If something is readily available, like chips or candy, I will 100% eat it. I'm really too lazy to go to the mini-mart on campus if I'm already in my room, so if I don't already have it in my food drawer, then I'm not going to make the effort to go buy it. Instead, my roommate and I keep frozen grapes, nutrition bars, and almonds in our room for when we're hungry. 

(3) Schedule a workout into your daily calendar! I use iCal and Reminders for everything, and if I specifically put in "Gym for 45 minutes" into my daily schedule, I will 100% do it. Since I've been working out regularly again, I feel so much better and I feel like my days are so much more accomplished! 

(4) Following up on planning things on iCal and Reminders, I'm crazy and like to plan out practically minute by minute of my day. So, instead of putting "lunch" or "dinner," I'll put "Salad" or "Veggie burger with pita chips and hummus" in Reminders. This is just a little way to keep it in my head that I should go for a salad instead of Chick Fil A when I'm in Benson, or get a healthy alternative to a wrap and chips when I'm at the Pit!

(5) Snacking isn't all bad, especially when you're sensible about it! I'll get lunch around 11-12 every day, and by 3 I'm always starving. My best friend and I always go to the mini-mart at 3:15 (when we're done with class) so grab a snack to bring to the library. Mine usually consist of a dried fruit and nut mix, and it's so good! It also fills me up with a little amount, which is great to hold me over until dinner. 

Do y'all have any stay-healthy tips? Let me know!

Have a great day

xx, Hannah

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  1. Great post! I have started using iCal now because of this. You seem so organized!