Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter College Essentials

I have given up on all creativity for my outfits, so I've been sticking to my "winter essentials" until I can break out my Lilly and Jacks! Here are some of my (and pretty much every single girl at Wake) favorite items to wear on campus in the winter.

(1) Vests: Enough said.

(2) Printed Scarves: My personal favorite is my new cheetah print scarf that I bought from a sale at Wake. 

(3) Pixie Pant: Love my J. Crew Pixies!

(4) Oversize Sweater: I just really find it hard to wear fitting clothes in the winter...

(5) Hunter Boots: There was too much snow last week to actually wear Bean Boots! Plus, every sorority girl has to have her rain boots....

(6) J. Crew Camp Socks: I think I have them in every color! Great when paired with Bean Boots.

(7) Barbour: An every day essential. A cheaper alternative is the waxed jacket from J. Crew.

(8) Bean Boots: I wear them in the snow, to class, to the library...I've also worn them to parties on a few occasions...

(9) Slippers: I have some Tory Burch slippers that I got on sale and I wear them daily. If I'm feeling super lazy when I'm going to the library, I'll wear yoga pants, slippers, and a Patagonia. 

(10) Gingham/Plaid Shirt: My favorites are from L.L. Bean and J. Crew.

(11) Patagonia Pullover: I have a bright purple one, and I think every single guy at Wake has the exact same printed one...but they're really comfy and warm! 

Have a great day!

xoxo, Hannah


  1. totally my college uniform..and still what I wear on weekends haha!

  2. These are definitely my basic pieces, too. I'm dreading the day I have to trade in my leggings and pullovers for dress clothes!