Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Social Media Update

Hi y'all! Super sorry for the second post of the day but I really needed to get this information out there! I've decide to create separate social media accounts for the blog so I can keep my personal accounts under my name and the blog accounts under the name The Pink and Green Prep.

I have made a new Twitter and Instagram for the blog, so check them out!

Obviously I'm totally okay with y'all continuing to follow me on my personal accounts (most likely under the name @hannahkate131), but if you want tweets and photos specifically of things related to this blog, follow me @PandGPrepBlog (for twitter) and @ThePinkandGreenPrepBlog (for instagram, sorry it's a mouthful!). Unfortunately a lot of names with the words "Pink and Green Prep" were already taken!

Okay! There's the update! Have a great day!

xx, Hannah

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