Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Carolina Cup


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I'm wearing a Jubilee-era Betsey Dress from Lilly! Strapless dresses are my personal favorite, and it's just so pretty! I'm pairing it with gold McKim's (my personal comfortable). I was going to wear a monogrammed derby hat but then I came to the honest realization that I really don't look good in I'm breaking the derby tradition!

Another note about shoes. Wear flat sandals, I am begging you. Wedges are not the way to go for Carolina Cup!

Prepare for any kind of weather...I know a couple of years ago it was raining, and girls wore Hunter's instead of sandals. It happens! Pack a bag for the bus ride over with water, a snack, maybe makeup and a's a long day and you don't want to be without the essentials. Last year I woke up at like 5 to get on the fraternity bus, and I got back at probably 8 or 9!

Looking forward to seeing y'all in your Lilly best! Tweet me @PandGPrepBlog if y'all are there and want to say hey!

xx, Hannah


  1. I don't look good in hats either, and I tried to be cool and not wear one last year when I went to Foxfield. I quickly realized that derby hats are more than a fashion statement, they keep the sun off of your chest and shoulders. I came home with 2nd degree be careful if you don't wear a hat!

  2. Have fun! We used to have the Foxfield races at UVA and it was always my favorite time of year! I loved wearing big hats but I do have to say I haven't gotten much use of them living in NYC now haha!

  3. I don't look good in hats either! I'm going if the Foxfield races and wasn't planning on wearing one... Glad I'm not the only one who will be breaking the tradition!