Friday, March 7, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Spring Break

I'm still in the preliminary stages of packing (it's a long and never-ending process), but I thought I'd show y'all some of the items that I'm bringing to Florida with me!

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Here is my original packing list for the week. It's just a brief outline of things that I know are necessary to pack!

I kinda threw a bunch of clothes into my bag at first, but it's much more organized now. I know that when I finish packing, I will definitely have too many things but it's better to overpack than under pack. Plus, my friends and I are driving so it's much easier to bring more!

I'm using my favorite pink hardshell luggage from C. Wonder and I'm also using a Lilly tote for my beach bag. 

I got lots of new adorable bikinis from Victoria's Secret (as well as some much-loved classics from Lilly). 

This is definitely not all the non-swimwear items that I'm bringing...I still have much to do! But I'm really excited to wear my new Emmett maxi from Lilly! It's a really good travel dress and perfect for spring break. The Georgie dress in Chum Bucket is one of my favorite dress styles, and of course I'm bringing a shift dress or two for post-beach activities! It's going to be cold at night, so I'm bringing my favorite Shep Shirt (and maybe my Skipper Popover...ahhh!!). I have two new coverups to bring out come beach-time, one from Lilly and the other from Monkees in Reynola Village. Y'all I just can't wait!

I hope everyone going on spring break has a fabulous time!

xx, Hannah


  1. Have an awesome trip! I wish I was heading to the beach.

  2. I'm so jealous! Have a great time!


  3. Have a fabulous time! Great picks to bring with you!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls