Friday, May 16, 2014

The end of an era

     Hi y'all! I don't really know how to go about starting this post because there is quite a lot on my mind about this blog. I started The Pink and Green Prep four years ago, when I was going into my junior year of high school. To be honest, I was just really bored during the summer and due to inspiration from Summer Wind and Monograms and Manicures, I decided to start this blog. I had no idea that it would be such a success and that so many people would respond positively to my posts. 
     Now, four years later, I'm a rising junior in college, and very much a different person from the high school junior who had so much pep and enthusiasm for writing about headbands and shift dresses. I am so thankful for everyone who has viewed, commented, and liked what I've written. I have had so much fun working on The Pink and Green Prep, but sadly this is the last post. I have changed a lot in the time from 11th grade to now, and originally my plan was to keep writing until I graduate college. However, for personal reasons I would rather not continue with the blog. I have loved every email that y'all have sent me, as well as every awkward face-to-face encounter that I've had with readers (shoutout to two very special Tri Delt freshman who recognized me at a frat party, you know who you are). Thank you so so much for your endless support, for y'all have kept me going with The Pink and Green Prep! I never knew this blog would have any readers, let alone almost 2 million views. And who knows, maybe y'all will see me in the future with another site! 

xoxo, Hannah